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Our Story:


Life is always changing, but sometimes it sends us a curveball. As most people, I knew almost nothing about CBD one year ago when it was legalized by the Department of Agriculture allowing farming of hemp.


However, when two significant accidents impacted the health of a family member in 2020 and the neurologist prescribed CBD as part of the healing process for a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other injuries, we knew CBD had moved from a fringe product to a viable product that can help people with healing for physical pain and emotional distress. I found that there was a lack of valid information about the potential of CBD and set out to learn more.

Our mission is to inform our customers about the facts of CBD - what we know, what we think may be true, and what is fiction. If, like me, you are “new” to CBD, start with the “Education” to inform yourself about properties of CBD. We will be continually update this section as new information is learned about CBD.


Welcome - let us know if we can be of help to you in your Nature’s Pathway journey.


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After searching far and wide, we found safe, effective full spectrum CBD.  We believe in it because we have used it.

Organic hemp grown and manufactured in U.S.

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