About Us

Nature’s Pathway is a freshly founded, family-owned, and wellness-focused business. Our retail shop sells a wide variety of all-natural, organic, USA-made CBD products. Our trained staff seeks to harness the power of nature to bring lasting relief and improved wellness to our clients.

Of all the start-ups out there, we chose to enter the CBD industry for two reasons:

The science.

Our personal success.

Firstly, there’s so much misinformation out there about CBD that we wanted to set the record straight. CBD is not what you might think it is. It’s not marijuana, and it doesn’t work like marijuana, either. It is a safe, non euphoric, and legal hemp-derived product.

Secondly, we tried CBD, and use CBD reguarly. We understand firsthand the frustration of dealing with lasting symptoms and finding no relief in traditional remedies. As a result, we’ve made it our mission to source high quality CBD products and bring them to our local community.

At our shop, we emphasize consumer education. If you’re curious about CBD or skeptical about CBD, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find the facts about CBD—plain and simple.


Your CBD Solution

We’re not focused on sales. We’re focused on customer satisfaction. We understand that everyone who walks through our doors has different needs, and we believe it’s our job to help them find the CBD solution uniquely

suited to those needs.

Some of the common ailments our clients come to us with include:




Difficulty sleeping

Our staff offers a wealth of CBD knowledge and will tell you where our products come from (here in the USA), and how they’re made. We vouch for the products that we know—and never recommend something that we don’t personally believe in.

If you’re just here to browse at our store or website, that’s fine, too. We foster an inviting atmosphere where

everyone is welcome to learn, explore, and ask questions.

Our CBD Products

We’ve searched high and low to forge strong working relationships with best-in-class suppliers in our local region.

Today, our shop inventory is brimming with 25+ all-natural, 100% organic, hemp-derived, USDA-compliant CBD oils. Our products undergo rigorous testing in a third-party laboratory to ensure the utmost quality.

A Local CBD Shop

Nature’s Pathway is your local source for organic, USA-made CBD oils. Founded in 2021, we’re a new local business wholeheartedly focused on helping customers achieve improved wellness.

Joy USDA-Tincture-Mint450.png

Drop by our CBD shop today or order online.  If new to CBD, email us for a free sample of 25 mg full spectrum CBD capsule.

lab tested products to ensure quality and gain your trust